What is your favorite booths at Art Basel: Hong Kong?


Simon Lee gallery is bringing plenty of good artists this year, Hans-Peter Feldmann is a legend for me after he received the Hugo boss price of $100,000 and thereafter hung it up in dollar bills on the museum walls to create questions regarding the value of art.


Im really looking forward to seeing Vhils solo exhibition “Debris” by the HOCA foundation. Found some preview images here: http://arrestedmotion.com/2016/03/previews-alexandre-farto-vhils-debris-hoca/


I like Team Gallerys booth (Cory Arcangel, Ryan McGinley, Sam McKinniss, Tabor Robak and Samson Young) and especially Tabor Robak’s work “Tidepool”.

It is a self-generating digital artwork that displays vibrantly colored, aqueous brushstrokes pouring contiguously over three HD flat screen televisions. In a sense, he has taught a machine to paint.


Cool concept, I like the current theme of digital tools and their value in the art world. It is interesting to see how artists are starting to use more and more gifs, images, video work etc.


Artsy has gone public with their favorite booths, many good tips. I especially like a.m. space, and Frank Tang Kai-Yiu’s works with traditional Chinese landscape painting techniques. He recreates the foliage-covered dividers that some residents of his native Hong Kong use to simulate nature in their windowless yet expensive apartments.


Agreed. It must be difficult to keep digital art from being copied. Imagine people torrenting art :wink: