What art books do you recommend?

It is finally summer, and time to read some books.
What are the best art books to bring on vacation?

I can highly recommend this classic. Don Thompson explores the money, lust, and self-aggrandizement of the art world in an attempt to determine what makes a particular work valuable while others are ignored.


Really liked this one…a more academic approach to the art world than most books. I believe you can send the author a PM on urbanartassociaton to order the book aswell, might be cheaper - and you might get a signed version if you ask nicely.

The Street Art World investigates the often contradictory attitudes within the street art community towards art history and the institutions of art. The book also deliberates on street art’s connection to the art market and public art. It considers street art’s potential to affect the viewer’s perception of public space, and the possible challenges the increasing digital mediation of street art may pose to bringing this potential to fruition. Peter Bengtsen is an art historian and sociologist. He has been writing about street art since 2006.