VHILS Hong Kong



Quite an amazing show installation by Vhils in Hong Kong. Couple of prints and a book but the rest of the work not forsale. It’s also located on top of one of the Ferry pier buildings and has been constructed on the roof. Lot of money behind the whole concept. He has also decorated one of their trams. Went to the official opening preview evening and it was poring with rain its structure gave good but not perfect cover and was also pretty cold up there so quite strange for the arty crowd present. However there was to s of free flowing champagne with loads of waIters and waitresses with bottles desperate to fill your glass constantly. Really a quite stunning installation to view and look at. My pics do not do it justice and really great to see
These pieces couple done in polystyrene and the other a forged piece weighing about 2 tons are kinda what the show is about really when you look head on you see the face but if you look at an angle you kinda see a city and its buildings and so the pieces represent the relationship between the city and its people


The first piece which is etched on steel again reflects the city and its relationship with the people so if you look at it distantly looks like a skyline but each piece is like a mini work highlighting the people etc

Then there is a room of old antique doors from the city that he has chipped or etched into. You can see some of the different tones of the layers of paint which again reflect the history of the door and the city which is reviewed through the face etched into each one


The next room has a whole series of individually hand pulled screens that are then treated with a bleach to reveal the layers or the bleach is used to removed dashes of the paint to create the pic


This room is full of pieces that are from billboard areas. They have been cut down with all their layers over the years paired white and he then scalpels into the various levels of the pieces creating these works


Thanks for sharing, you can see VHILS has put a lot of effort into this show! The pieces done in polystyrene are phenomenal.


Wow, wish I could be there. I read that this was his first time working with neon and metal, I think he mastered it well.


Thanks for sharing! Looks amazing


Thx guys glad you enjoyed yep really great work and the fact that it was an installation as opposed to a selling show meant the work was quite varied and a bit off the scale Cheers