"Translations" by Anja Carr at QB Gallery


Anja Carr
10.08.2018 - 01.09.2018

Anja Carr’s solo exhibition Translations at QB Gallery includes two different series on the walls, in addition to the main subject in Kristian Skylstad’s exhibition text (the troll sculpture with the same height as the artist). All 17 works are produced in 2018 and never exhibited in Oslo before. The first series is bodily “translations” from objects to surfaces: Costumes and props from performances and personal belongings are forced into thick, self-made aluminum frames, appearing - from a distance - almost as flat as photographs, continuing Carr’s ongoing photo-series started in 2013, documenting her performances (a selection is available in the gallery’s storage). An opposite translation takes place in the second series, where photo-series of different people are printed on PVC-canvas (normally used for banners in the advertising industry), each person cut out and sewn together, forming more abstract wall-sculptures with personal props attached.
From: https://www.qbg.no/Utstillinger/Anja-Carr-Translations