Tracey Emin Hong Kong plus new DH


Art Basel in Hong Jong opens this week flurry of events alongside including the Tracey Emin show opening later today

Just got into HKong for it


Awesome, Hong Kong is the right place to be at the moment. A flurry of events for sure, be sure to check out Art Central aswell, they have lots of great works from emerging artists. Have fun at Tracey’s opening show, and post some pictures from your trip for us that cant be there :wink:


You’re so lucky to experience Tracey Emin in real life, I really wish I could be there!


Yep quite an amazing evening started with Steve Lazarides Street show st Sotheby’s, then onto the opening of an amazing Vhils show /installation on Athens roof of Pier 4 followed by the Tracey Emin event which was full of stunning work.
The Vhils and Emin openings just had non stop waiters filling your glass with champagne so very easy viewing the truly stunning work

Well here is a bit of a peak at the show

Sorry will only let me post one pic as a new user so had to delete the ones I had posted






Sounds like a great evening! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I really like Emin’s style. So energic and sexual. A bit bored of neon light art though, I think it is turning into a cliché.


Do you have any pics from Vhils show?
Thanks for sharing Emin’s


Pictures from Vhils and the Laz show would be cool :slight_smile:
Here is a movie where Vhils talks about the Hong Kong exhibition.


What does everyone thing of the new Damien Hirst that got released today at the Fair

(think this is the right place for this)


Did actually see them at the stand in Art Central. They are very bright and sparkly so if that s your thing they are done well and nice etc but not for me


I actually really like the concept of reducing Mickeys shapes down to basic spots, and pondering the fact that he still is universally recognizable because he is such a well known figure. That being said, I prefer the version without glitter.