Tomoo Gokita


Lots of pictures from Tomoo Gokitas pop up show with Bill Brady, really one of my favourite artists.

“Using exclusively monochrome colors, Gokita’s works have a strong vintage feel which is further emphasized by the traditional format. This conservative feel clashes with the surrealist, almost abstract elements he is known for. Playing with blurred faces, mutated body parts and gradients, his subjects are both funny and haunting at the same time. Keeping a sense of class through detailed depiction of jewelry and attire- a sort of a parody of this established form.”


Love them! Reminds me of the norwegian artist Marianne Engedal’s works.


“Out of sight” at Mary Boone Gallery from Sep 10, 2016 - Oct 29, 2016. More info here.


New exhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery Tokyo titled “Holy Cow”
Dates: Mar 18 – Apr 15, 2017

Tomoo Gokita, a polymath of drawing mediums and styles, turned to painting in 2005, basing his images on found photographs and working exclusively in the sharp whites, velvety blacks and myriad grays of gouache. They pack an unsettling visual punch…

With their outdated glamour, eerie glow, ambiguous emotions and descriptive quirks, these paintings are undeniably rich.

  • Roberta Smith, October 21, 2016 New York Times


Looks like his exhibition is really paying off.
There has been a lot of good results in 2017, and now this smashing result a few days ago at Phillips.
acrylic gouache on canvas
227.3 x 181.8 cm. (89 1/2 x 71 5/8 in.)

HK$700,000 - 1,000,000
SOLD FOR HK$2,740,000
Which is around $350,000 (!)

Read more here:


x4 the low esitmate, incredible


His prints have also doubled in value from source since last year. Now I feel dumb


This is so eerie, I love it and despise it at the same time.