The other side of a $110M painting


Found this on instagram, thought it was worth sharing since the recording breaking sale of Basquiat in christies last auction got quite a lot of attention :slight_smile:


Cool comparisson. Jerry Saltz had a rant on his instagram about all the press coverage this got, because it only was about the value and what the 100 top collectors can invest in, and not about artistic value. Quite a good interview with NPR about the sale here:

GARCIA-NAVARRO: In your view, what is the correlation between the price of a work and its value? Does the enormous sum paid at auction for this particular work make this Basquiat his most important piece?

SALTZ: Absolutely not. In fact, the art world has been so distracted by ridiculously obscenely high prices that mainly the only art that people are even aware of is art that costs a lot of money. There’s a strange exception around Basquiat. No artist of color has ever entered this kind of pantheon of, you know, Picasso, Van Gogh, all of the rest whose work does sometimes sell for over $100 million.

So you know what? I have to make a strange exception to my rule, that in this case, I kind of love that Jean-Michel Basquiat has entered that and broken that barrier. More power to women, more power to artists of color. These lives do matter, and they’re going to continue to matter.