The London Original Print Fair 3-6 May 2018


Now in its 33rd year, the London Original Print Fair will run in the Royal Academy of Arts’ magnificent Main Galleries 3-6 May 2018.


Held at the Royal Academy of Arts, the London Original Print Fair offers an opportunity to buy and view works from all periods of printmaking: from the earliest woodcuts of Dürer, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. The intimate, boutique Fair provides a friendly atmosphere for both budding collectors and seasoned print enthusiasts to engage with dealers and artists.


An original print is an image produced from a surface on which the artist has worked, such as a stone or wood block or a copper plate. This surface is intended by the artist to be a stage in the creation of the artwork. Thus the original work of art in this case is the print itself rather than the block or plate from which it is printed.

There is generally more than one ‘impression’ of any one printed image, it is inevitable that it is often easier to find – and afford – an original print than an oil or watercolour by a certain artist. The price will depend on the quality and the date of the printing.

You can find more info and book tickets here

Are you going? I am really wondering if I should book a cheap ticket and head over. There was some great releases during the print fair last year.


Great Hockney print. Wish I had time to visit the fair this year, but unfortunately not :frowning:


Will be a shrigley release as well. And the Oli Epp is a killer print


Had to make a thread about the Shrigley release aswell :smiley: Not sure how i feel about this one… New David Shrigley print, "Don't" release 7th May