The Best Cities to Be a Street Artist in Today


Street art and graffiti have developed at different rates worldwide, though today we see a somewhat leveled playing field, with artists across the globe engaged in these vibrant art forms. From its nascent days during both World Wars, through the mid-century advent of Latin American spray graffiti, and into its acceptance in the 1980s New York downtown scene, street art has provided avenues for artists of myriad backgrounds to reach the public with their stories. In the new millennia, street art has evolved into a beast with two heads, acting as both a platform for social commentary and commercial gain. Today, there are many cities that vie for the title of street art capital of the world, though not as many are viable places to live and work as a street artist. In cities like New York and London, lauded for their roles in the history of street art and brimming with prime examples of it, contemporary artists face many difficulties, such as high living costs, difficulty finding walls, and an oversaturated market. Below, we share six cities that are conducive to the needs of street artists, in terms of commercial and collaborative opportunities, legality, and geography, plus insights from artists on each.


Great read, although I believe that commissioned street art in some of these cities makes the art loose its political edge and its purpose