Shrigley relase with countereditions 07.06.2018

Available now! One of his best releases in a long time, PTIYH has to be my favorite.


Shut up has to be my fav by far.

Use discount code DS2018 when purchasing for 20% off.

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Shut up still at first tier pricing, seems like I’m the only one digging it. Pretty thoughts have risen to £5k.

Maybe it is because it is less wall friendly due to all the swearing
£5k seems expensive for me, why not just go for an original in that case? :confused:

Like the last CE release, Jealous is now sold out

I’m not sure if it’s sold out, I think they just toggled POA

Countereditions are always overpriced, even Ebay prices are cheaper than this. :confused:

Counter Editions are the max price in the market. They got a lot of good customers so they have no problems raising the prices to these levels. Not selling out is not a problem i think.

He seems like such a lovely chap.
I really like this video