Show your latest buy!


Best Miller print in ages imo :slight_smile:


Ty! And thats one stunning Mehdi. Love it. Size in cm?


Yeah, it’s large print (148.8cm by 74.4cm)

This is the final print from Mehdi’s Spaces Of Hope body of work and the original work of art is now in the National Museum of China’s permanent collection - which is a nice way to tie things up.

The subtlety of this print and the shadow effects on it really give a feel more akin to an original work. Once framed, it will look fantastic because of the perspectival lighting which creates a true three dimensional feel.


It looks great! How did the original work of art end up in the national museum of China’s permanent collection? Sounds great for Mehdi’s career.


I have no idea how it ended up there. But yeah. He is going places.



Dolk still delivers.



Not bad! Hope you keep it :slight_smile:


Congratulations, great print!


Came home from vacation today, and got this beauty delivered

Absolutely stunning work by Jake Wood Evans


Beautiful! :star_struck:


Ryan Hewett’s latest print is my latest purchase.
Impressive for a giclee print!


Great decision! :slight_smile:


Bought this artwork by Sarah Hardacre. She had a studio visit at gallery Hugo Opdal at Flø - Norway and made this from an old porn mag from the 60’s.


Nice! It has a Dash Snow vibe to it


Just got this beauty (Pots N Potions):

I am stretching it out a little with some 10 oz silver coins before putting it in the pocket.


How is the quality? Looks amazing.


The quality is superb with very bright colors. I am very pleased.


Congrats! Lovely print in a “small enough” edition. How will you be framing it?