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Nice wall! Fucking Ace is a really good early Shrigley, and Oli’s self portrait looks great. Might become a very special work as his career developes.


This beauty came in the door today.
Still a huge fan of CH.
How should i frame this? Thinking Black mat and black frame to match my other prints.
All input highly appreciated


What about gold frame? It could spice the B&W up a little and give it a more exclusive and colourish look.


Black is always a safe choice, but a golden frame could look amazing in contrast to the colours in the print. Remember to post a picture when framed @Ullke :wink:


I think I’m not bald enough to do such a crazy thing.


Might become harder to sell the print including frame in the future, and golden frames tend to be expensive


Wanted to share my Paa Joe: grandfather of the fantasy coffin trade.


Modern Monarchy - Conor Harrington


Putting the ‘fun’ in funeral :wink:


Beautiful print and framing


Lovely Conor :grin:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Congratz! Amazing print, love it.



So good! :smiley:


Thank you!! :smiley:


Is this the big motherfu*ker?


Yes, from paragonpress. HF. For a long time wanted a Miller, couldnt resist this one :slight_smile:




Mehdi Ghadyanloo - An introduction to stay