Show your latest buy!


I don’t think a black frame would work, so I was thinking a white box frame. Probably fun with a colored frame but I’m afraid it will take attention from the motif. Oak frame might work as well


Yves Scherer - Brangelina lenticular print :heart_eyes:


Congrats, great buy. Really want this one myself, but cant find the space for it.
Seems like a bargain IMO at that price.


Love Yves!


My framed Miller. Big thanks for Vault studios in Bergen who managed to frame this with top museum quality.




I’m getting more and more happy with small pieces. This oversized playing card by David Shrigley was perfect for a small wall space I had here.




Picked up these two beauties lately. Can’t wait to see them delivered.
Bigger than I anticipated…


Nice! Best “Merch” that exsist imo, true to the original works


Do you also call prints merch?
For me, these limited vases are sculptures, and more art than most shit being sold in 2018.


Ah, “What is art?” :smiley:
Dont get me wrong, I love these - one of the best buys this year.

Prints for me are not a non-art object that is being marketed to his fanbase such as vases, mugs, scarfs, etc. If these were sculptures and not vases they would be worth 10x more. In that regard I am happy they are vases, so almost everyone can afford one.


We have to agree to disagree.
Merch is like Shrigley’s deck of cards being sold in unlimited numbers.


Really happy to receive these two yesterday morning.


Congratulations! You cant just show the box, let us see them :grinning:


You need to visit my profile for that (clickbait)


My latest, another Shrigley (shocker). Bought this on impulse. Great analogue feel of these lino-prints.



Such a nice piece


Kaws Tondo :grin: