Show your latest buy!


In this thread you can show off your latest purchase. I’ll start!

Today these beauties arrived. Shrigley is still one of my favourites :grin:


Pure class :sunglasses: They look stunning!


Print release of the year :slight_smile: PTIYH has to be one of my all time favourite Shrigleys


Christopher Wool poster from the exhibition “Dakis Joannou Collection”, Athens, 1992


Lovely. What size is this?


39.4 x 26.4 in. (100.08 x 67.06 cm.)


Perfect :slight_smile:


Chuck Close - Phil


Ai WeiWei Artist’s Hand (2017)


Did you cop this lately or had it since release? Really impressed by the result it achieved at Phillips a few weeks back.


I bought it after the release.


Congratulations are in order :+1: it’s a really cool piece. Wish I had one.


Carl Cashman



Damn gurl :smile:


Very happy with Oli Epp - multi multitasking


Lovely, congrats! Happy to see these getting framed and hung, and not just flipped.


Thank you! Didnt manage to get on release either :confused: Think Oli is one to watch, great style already, enjoyable on the walls.


It’s recognizable and fresh, that’s for sure.


Seems like a steal :wink: