Sexually explicit graffiti keeps popping up in Brussels



Brussels has been struck by some unexpected pornographic graffiti, at the hands of an anonymous erotic street artist.

Penises, a vulva, a snapshot of penetration and an artistic representation of an anus have all been daubed across buildings in Saint-Gilles, a town in the Brussels region. A masturbating woman image also appeared in Place Stephanie, another nearby neighbourhood.

They’ve been popping up since mid-September, much to the amusement and horror in equal parts of local residents. Brussels MP Vincent Henderick was reported by IB Times to have called the art ‘inappropriate’ in a local parliament meeting, and the local mayor and authorities, according to the Daily Dot, have announced they will be removed.

Gory and 'hellish' street art in Brussels outrages locals

Will be going to Brussels this weekend! Thanks for the heads up!


Beautifull region, lots of galleries, have a nice trip!


Look what I found!