I have the chance to buy this sculpture by SC ( $350 is not too shabby. I do not have any works by her before, and I do not know if I see her artworks as great art. It looks pretty repetitive.
But she seems to be very popular, at least in Norway.
What do other CTist think of her, something to be worth collecting?


I can understand why people like her, but as you say it gets repetitive after a while.
Imho. the sculpture should not have passed quality control :smiley:

If you want a work by Sandra, go for it, but beware that the prices seems to have peaked.
I also have the impression that several originals are being sold by long time holders in the last couple of months… on the flipside i bet there is many holding on to them aswell that we dont hear about. Just my two cents.


I would rather buy something else by Sandra. The quality of this sculpture is sub-par.
My opinion is that there is a good reason this is not sold out, price, edition size and quality.