Ron English "Delusionville" at Allouche Gallery


Delusionville is a picturesque paradise far down the rabbbit hole of reality. Delusionville is populated by animals of different social status. At the top of the food chain are the Buzzards, who are land owning royalty. The upper class is dominated by the pigs who invented taxes and banking. Other animals exist farther down the economic food chain, each have their own acceptance of their place in Delusionville and their own firmly held philosophical beliefs. The sheep are the inventors of spirituality and the turtles are the inventors of complacency. The ducks are the proprietors of quack, a placebo that makes the citizens of Delusionville buy their own bullshit. At the lowest end of the food chain are the wolves, who ruled the world back in prehistory but not are reduced to poverty and indignity. They have only recently realized who they actually are and now revolution is in the air! Lastly, there are the Rabbbits who are caught in the middle of all the insanity that is Delusionville. Ronnie, the main rabbbit, is the only animal who tries to accept all contradictory belief systems, which has driven him completely insane.

From October 11 until November 25 at New York City’s Allouche Gallery