Rafal Zajko - Jaka praca dziś - takie nasze jutro


Rafal Zajko
Jaka praca dziś - takie nasze jutro
29 June - 4 August
Private View - Friday 29th 6 - 9pm
From: http://castorprojects.co.uk/jaka-praca

Zajko’s first solo exhibition in London takes its title from the motivational text written above the entrance of the factory where his grandparents spent their life working; The work of today – determines our tomorrow.

Born in 1988, a year before the fall of the Soviet influenced Polish People’s Republic, Zajko’s work pays tribute to a past where humans worked together as collective machines towards an optimistic industrial future.

For the exhibition Zajko has made 3 sculptural reliefs and a single floor sculpture that dominates the room, blurring the line between human and machine, monuments to an industrial past that defy their materiality. Zajko’s work does not critique this past but instead seeks to reinterpret it, excavating history to reimagine it in an alternative future.

The concrete and steel reliefs have an industrial materiality that contrasts with the craftsmanship from the freehand embroidery enmeshed through them. A recent innovation in Zajko’s practice is the incorporation of ice that melts throughout the course of the exhibition. The ephemeral dripping of melting ice adds a performative quality to the work as the invigilator is tasked with replacing the ice every few hours as if part of a strange ritual. All these elements give the work an almost religious quality and could be seen as strange votives to a time that blurs past, present and future.