Post Analog Painting II at The Hole NYC


April 7th – May 14th

The Hole is proud to announce a second installment of our 2015 exhibition of digitally-influenced painting “Post Analog Painting” with an updated group of artists and approaches in “Post Analog Painting II” or PAPII. This sprawling thematic exhibition of digitally-minded painting includes both emerging and established artists working in a “post-analog” mode.

The long and complex shift in culture from analog to digital media is the most significant transformation of our generation, and it has long-reaching and manifold effects that continue to permeate all modes of visual expression. In painting the effects have been slow to reverberate: “inkjet on canvas” was the center of these discussions for many years while more subtle repercussions in style and content were ignored in favor of new media. In “Post Analog Painting”, 2015 we looked at some physical ways digital imaging manifested, with painted pixels and various print techniques or Photoshop tools. This year we look more finely at the idea of rendering in paint something influenced by how a computer renders an image.