Phillips, New Now, London Auction 11 April 2018


Philiips, New Now
London Auction 11 April 2018

I guess this is a good time to buy a Lucien Smith or Nick Darmstaedter? I remember these were the hottest artists you could buy a couple of years ago. A nice Jonas wood being auctioned aswell.


It is always refreshing to see the price estimates, some of these orginials being auctioned only costs the same as 2-3 mediocre prints in ed 300. :slight_smile:


I got so curious by this Lego art that I had to google the explanation: The bricks are reconstructed on a big scale using it as an archetype symbol of creativity. The Lego becomes an art piece for the conversion of acquired values. Through modifications and manipulations the brick is not a shape anymore, but becomes a metaphor of subjectivity and children’s inherent desire to build and create their own personalities. Process of making his artworks is sometimes unusual and unconventional, such as when children took part in a game of ‘building constructions’, to create a giant cardboard Lego structure, which is then painted and looks like a Mondrian artwork.


A very nice Kaws piece there…
I should go to London soon to see it in person!