Pejac "Love letter" timed release


Strong release from Pejac, nice to make it a timed release so everyone can get one.

Available at his website BETWEEN DECEMBER 5TH 5PM AND DECEMBER 6TH 5PM (CET).


Love Letter is the newest time-limited release by Pejac . This unique release is continuing artist’s exploration of mediums as well as ways of producing and distributing his work to collectors. After a series of instantly sold out and highly sought-after prints and sculptures, the artist decided to produce an accessible time-limited edition, allowing everyone to purchase a hand-made artwork while keeping the unprecedented quality standards.

For this occasion, Pejac reached back towards the imagery from some of his earliest works - the glass drawings he used to do create on his student day apartment window. With a similar concept in mind, the artist saw the back of a traditional envelope as a pre-made background for an elegant intervention depicting a tightrope walker in the middle of his breathtaking performance. Working with a common object that stands for romantic, almost forgotten form of communication, the artist managed to make a poetic connection between the uncertainty of balancing on a tightrope and waiting for a written letter.

On a technical level, the multiple is continuing Pejac’s tradition of producing high-end editions using a fully personalized, hands-on painstaking process. From creating a custom envelope from high-quality Paper Arches 250 gr paper, using different methods of printing for the front and the back, creating spacers that ensure the right distance of the top flap, making custom postal stamps which complete the look of this delicate semi-sculptural piece, all the way to designing magnetized display mounting board and protective packaging.

Finally, Pejac will be offering the original Love Letter piece after the edition release, with all the proceeds from that sale going to Clowns Without Borders, an international organization dedicated to bringing smiles to places where they are most needed. By purchasing an original work the collectors will have a chance to directly help children with trauma to experience the social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits of laughter and humor.


This is by far the worst release I have seen by Pejac.
He has gone out of his way to create a piece of art, that in the end is just an envelope with some printed scribbles on it. Concept of the image is from Banksy, and trying to camouflage this blatant cash-grab by selling the original envelope for charity is just stupid.
If this is the new Pejac then he’s done in a few years.
He should focus on doing what he does best. Paying 600 gbp for an envelope made in thousands is just stupid in my eyes.

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Now available for anyone interested.


Preach :raised_hands:


Wonder how long they will take to release the total edition? I think they sold very well, which is good for Pejac.