"Particles of Truth" release by David Shrigley


New Lino print available from @schaefergrafik
76 x 56. Ed of 125.
First 25 priced at 4000 DKK
By phone only from Thursday 10am (GMT+1) +45 23 65 12 31


I really hate the call-in releases. But this is really good


Is there a que system, or just one person getting bombarded with calls?..


When they did this stupid stuff last time at Jealous, there was no system.
You would call for hours if you were unlucky just to hear the “busy” tone… Incredibly infuriating.
Fortunately this time its a danish gallery, so I won’t feel that stupid talking to them, but still.


+1 :slight_smile:


Good one but this is Shrigley’s print #102 this year…