Paco Pomet - Internacional re-release


Paco Pomet has come out and told us there will be two re-releases of his famous Internacional print, celebrating its 10th year.
First a black/white variant, based on the original charcoal drawing, printed by the original printer.

And also a huge 4 times size print in an ultra-low edition of 20 published by Merchant Group.
This is supposed to release at a price of 3200 GBP, buyers chosen by raffle.

I personally love this image, and have always wanted it. Both new versions seems very attractive for me, even though the big is expensive, it’s about what you would expect to pay for the original small one on secondary.


Is it OK to re-release an image like this just because it’s popular? I doubt he’ll do the same with every print of his turning 10 years…


I personally think this is OK.
This was originally a very limited run of 60, and has exploded in popularity.
I’ve wanted this image for years.
Releasing 80 + 20 now 10 years later, in my book is OK.
Would ofc. be a totally different answer if the image was same size and finish…


Give the people what they want :smiley:


I feel bad for the owners of the original print. Adding 100 to the edition will half it’s value for sure.


I’m not so sure about that actually.
Might even increase the demand for the original print.


True, “The Warhol effect”… many was afraid that his prices would go down when he created so many nearly identical prints in high editions, but they increased - probably due to the increased exposure and the fact that everybody wants what their neighbour has :stuck_out_tongue: