New Kaws merch for the SEEING/WATCHING art installation


New kaws merch, it will be available on April 25 and 26 at 10 pm EDT. No word of pricing yet.

Set to be available via an exclusive online pre-sale, the merch range is comprised of limited edition plushes, T-shirts, keychains, glass sets and tote bags centered around KAWS’ “SEEING/WATCHING” installation. Following the pre-sale, the 10 piece merch range will be available only at a themed pop-up at Changsha IFS, which exhibits classic COMPANION and BFF artworks, sketches of “SEEING/WATCHING” as well as making-of photos and videos.

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Its a pass on the SEEING/WATCHING for me…


Same, never been a big fan of art merch. Especially when you can save up for a BFF instead.


I got quite a few art t-shirts and other random stuff, and I quite enjoy them! But Kaws is really just printing money at this point, and this is too little too late for me. I’d like to see something new…


Same. To be fair, I would probably have done the same thing if I was in his situation :smiley:


We all would. His house looks awesome, and he put the money back in more art it seems, which is good!