New Felipe Pantone release at Avant Arte


A new release by Felipe Pantone by Avant Arte.
First released at Complexcon, then at Avant Arte
Really like this myself, breath of fresh air with smaller pieces IMO.
Prices rumored at ca. 800 USD at Complexcon, 1200 USD later at Avant Arte.

Title: W3-Dimensional 28

Medium: UV ink on PMMA

Size: 35x35cm

Number of editions: 100 Number

Year created: 2018
Avant-Arte-x-Felipe-Pantone-41 Avant-Arte-x-Felipe-Pantone-23


I like everything about this! The price, the size, the medium, the motif… will definitly sell out quickly


When will it be released by Avant Arte?


I will give you guys an update when I know more.


Strong release


According to the pre-order it’s shipping in 3-4 weeks.



Thanks Ullke! +1. This looks amazing, like the image and size. He is getting big, and from AvantArte its always quality. My first Pantone, looking forward to it.