New Banksy artwork in Somerset


Imagine being able to turn a street sign into a several hundred thousand pound work of art in just a couple of seconds. :money_mouth_face:

A new Banksy artwork has mysteriously disappeared less than 24 hours after it was first spotted in a sleepy Somerset town.The artwork, a road sign depicting children carrying elderly people on their backs, was strapped to a lamppost on The Beach road in Clevedon, north Somerset.It is believed to have been installed on Thursday night in the town which is around 13 miles from the artist’s home city of Bristol. On Friday, Banksy shared an image of the artwork on Instagram. However, just 24 hours later the piece was gone.



Isn’t this the weakest work by Banksy in like forever?


It is very simplistic looking for sure. The young carrying the old. Banksy put the little girl in front of the boy, maybe because in the past men lead women but that has changed now(?). Does this perhaps have something to do with brexit because the young generation has to bear the burden of the older generations choice because they were the ones who mainly supported and voted for it?


Probably, nothing wrong with the message, just don’t like how it looks.