New art purchases


Bought something new lately, or have an artwork your want to show? Post a picture here so everyone can see.

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I´ve been after this print for a while, and I must admit that I´m really excited to get it up on the wall :heart_eyes:


Congratulations!:tada: One of Dolk’s best works in my opinion, such a calm and enjoyable print… notice the paintbrush in his left hand has a yellow tint :wink:


Waiting for this to arrive from Canada :smile:
Wish I had the balls to screw it right on my door. Will probably frame it and keep it safe indoors.
David Shrigley - No Junk Mail


Awesome Shrigley! Im afraid his prices have increased so much lately that I cant afford an original anytime soon.


Thank you! Luckily his prints are very good…