Mike Lee "I've Missed You" + print release Sunday 30 September, 2018 16.00 CET


Mike Lee, I’ve Missed You

The Garage is pleased to announce its first show with New York-based artist Mike Lee. Opening September 29, this solo exhibition marks Lee’s European debut. ‘I’ve Missed You’ will reveal six new oil paintings that celebrate unity, kindness and respect towards others.

“By depicting his subjects as super simplified archetypes, stripped of any features or recognizable attributes, and placed in an unknown, void space, Mike Lee is creating a universal and unpretentious visual language that speaks of happier versions of all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc.” — Sasha Bogojev, JUXTAPOZ

Mike Lee uses the human form as a vehicle to express contemporary social attitudes and anxieties — feelings of isolation, hope, happiness, and the mundane with plenty of depth and warmth in his monochrome paintings. His work displays excellent skills with space, lighting, movement and atmosphere, and through an almost three-dimensional approach Lee’s oil-painted figures nod to the visual quality of CGI renderings. In painting his characters in their most basic human form, he creates works that are relatable and familiar to all. Lee’s work has been exhibited at galleries across Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

All originals are supposedly sold before the opening, but there will be a print release later today, Sunday 30 September, 2018 16.00 CET



So good!


His skills are very impressing.


Reminds me somewhat of Tomoo Gokita, probably just because the palette used…


Agreed. Also reminds me a bit of Richard Prince and Avery Singer.