MCH Group Takes Stake in ART DÜSSELDORF in Move to Create New Dominant Rhineland Fair


There’s a new art fair in Europe. Art Basel’s parent company, the MCH Group, announced on Thursday that it has acquired a 25.1% stake in art.fair International GmbH, the Cologne, Germany-based owners of ART DÜSSELDORF. The fair’s inaugural edition will take place in November at Düsseldorf’s skylit Areal Böhler.

Ambitions for the new fair are high. “ART DÜSSELDORF will become the leading regional art fair in Germany, the Benelux region, and the Rhineland,” said MCH Group Managing Director of Design & Regional Art Fairs Marco Fazzone. The regions have among the highest concentration of art collectors globally.

A representative for MCH Group later confirmed that this does indeed put the Düsseldorf fair in contention with established art fairs in the region like the 51-year-old Art Cologne and Art Brussels, which was founded in 1968. The representative added that the Düsseldof fair is, however, “interested in friendly, neighborly relations.”

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