Komafest: a project by Pøbel and Restored

I am becoming more and more impressed with Pøbel! :slight_smile:
He is definitly becoming a lot more than yet another stencil artist copying Banksy, and reusing topics that has been talked about to death

Komafest is an art and placemaking project by Pøbel and Restored, with the main focus on highlighting challenges of depopulation in the north.

komafest"家" (“Home”), is @pobel.no’s latest piece in #teriberka. More than 100 people in #teriberka have been forced to move from their homes. This is one of many beautiful buildings scheduled for demolition this year. Many locals have already been relocated to Kola and their neighbouring town, Lodeinoe. This makes way for development in tourism, and these vacant houses will give way to tourist infastructure, mainly for northern lights tourists from China. This new piece by #pobel encourages people to discuss these issues.

Here you can see @pobel.no’s piece «All I had I gave». @denisburkin is almost done with scanning the houses, and eventually the results will be available online and in the library.


He’s definitely got his heart in the right place. The sad part is that this makes him less famous than he deserves (IMO). As a Norwegian, I have experience with people outside Norway not recognizing his work, and not being familiar with his name, even though they have been collectors in street art for a long time.

He does some good stuff, and a lot of his murals are very good. But when he doesn’t have the same quality control with his releases, he doesn’t catch any wind. There is plenty original canvases that go for less than some of his prints, and a lot of his prints that you can’t even sell at cost.
Sad IMO, but what happens when he doesn’t seem to care about building his “brand” but rather help other people.

His latest release, http://www.abcprinthouse.com/product/portrait-of-a-pipe-smoking-fisherman, had tremendous success in Norway, and you could make a 400% return on your investment in weeks. Sadly, it seems like the only prints sold to outside Norway got to flippers in USA, which sold them back to Norway.

Added is some pictures of some good murals (IMO) by pøbel.

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Impressive murals! Maybe Pøbel has to move away from using stencils to become acknowledged, since people have become so used to seeing it? Dolk did it. Seems like DotDotDot also is going in that direction.

Pøbel now on his way to Høstutstillingen in Oslo!


This is exciting indeed for Pøbel’s career. He will probably meet a lot of new potential customers at Høstutstillingen. Funny to see how he will be received

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