Open edition, so no need to rush :wink:


I have this guy from the last drop :sunglasses:


Nice collection, love the little Murakami nurse :wink:


A lot of great results for KAWS lately.
Especially like this one a few days ago:

Untitled (2009)
Acrylic on canvas
182.9 x 182.9 cm. (72 x 72 in.)

HK$2,000,000 - 3,000,000
SOLD FOR HK$5,260,000
(Around $670,000)

Read more here: https://www.phillips.com/detail/KAWS/HK010118/42?fromSearch=kaws&searchPage=1

And this one in March:

Keep Moving (2012)
Left part 198 x 78.2 cm (77 7/8 x 30 3/4 in.)
Right part 189 x 79 cm (74 3/8 x 31 1/8 in.)
overall dimensions variable

£150,000 - 250,000
SOLD FOR £909,000


Read more here: https://www.phillips.com/detail/KAWS/UK010218/157?fromSearch=kaws&searchPage=1


Kaws is also teaming up with Uniqlo again for a Sesame Street release

Maybe new plush?


He really is at the top of his game right now, keeps breaking auction records, collabs with big brands like uniqlo etc… can he keep it up for the next 10-20 years aswell? I certaintly hope soo, but the prices are soaring incredibly fast.


Coming up;

Kaws x Sesame Street @ Uniqlo


Would love an Elmo plush with the Kaws twist.


I’ve seen these in London Uniqlo stores but had no idea they were a colab with Kaws!


Open edition Passing Through releasing today.


I think I will pass


I will be passing through


What does open edition mean? It means it’s open! I might have made five or I might have made five thousand. If you like it buy it to enjoy but don’t buy it on speculation.

Nice to see Brian take a stance against all the speculation


He should have done this from the start tbh.


Kaws releasing a new line of merchandise, including “limited edition” companions to go alongside his new 36m companion in Taipei.
Reasonably priced companions, but no word on what “limited edition” means. Probably not numbered/signed and undisclosed edition number. Not a fan of this practice, but at least the prices are not crazy high as they tend to be.

Limited edition 7-inch KAWS:HOLIDAY in the new seated position | Price: USD$199
KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited Ceramic Plate Set (Set of 4) | Price: USD$130
KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited T-Shirts - 5 Versions | Price: USD$50
KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited Tote Bag - 3 Versions | Price: USD$50

I like the companions, but I’m mostly excited to see what new position he can come up with for the next release. Laying face down maybe?


Calling these limited edition almost seems like misleading marketing in my opinion



Surprise release yesterday by Kaws. Lucky enough to snag one up.


Another KAWS companion coming up!

Open Edition


So windy in NY today…


Soon at KAWSONE.com


When do you think? Chop or drop?


Probably expensive because of it’s size, probably open edition, high shipping costs and high VAT costs.
I’ll pass for now :stuck_out_tongue: