Kanye West just had an exhibition at Blum & Poe in LA


According to their website it only lasted for two days, and consisted of the 12 wax figures used in his music video (inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s Sleep painting from 2008 ). I guess its a good way for the gallery to get more coverage, and a sign that Kanye is trying to get into the galleries and get more credibility for his art.

In his new work, Famous, West takes on the subject of myth and celebrity, daringly and stunningly ripped from the pages of his own personal narrative. Famous reduces a modern pantheon of celebrity figures to a group of vulnerable – nude, yet desexualized – sleeping partners, stripped cleanly of any artifice or pretense that invokes celebrity. The figures’ essential, primal humanity is revealed, reinforced by the subtle breathing mechanisms gently at work inside of each sculpture. Playing with the idea of neo-religious tableaux, the figures become anonymous, even angelic, outside the framework of modern media culture.


Apparently they value the sculpture in the ballpark of 4 million USD :stuck_out_tongue: