Joakim Ojanen print release with POP!NK


New print release by @joakimojanen, this one is going to go fast.
More info to be released early desember, but probably not a bad idea to send a PM and ask for presale if you are interested.


Something about him that’s intriguing.


Everyone should pick this up before it’s too late.


You are probably right, but I feel its the same people that hype Ojanen that hype Oli :stuck_out_tongue:


Oli Epp have had a significant growth in prices, which could be a bubble.
But you can’t argue against 1-2 years of waiting for canvases, sold out shows and prints. There is something new about these artists that people like, and jumping on before it’s too late seems like a good idea.


Makes me want to vomit. Not very fond of either the colours or the style.


Lol @iselinjs


Something new coming up at Case Studyo.
Rumored edition of 8, probably gone!