Jerry Saltz's six suggestions to improve the art world

From instagram:

jerrysaltzArtNet @ArtNet asked me for a Way to Make the Art World Better. I answered; they published today. Here are the six idiot answers I gave. :herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb: "Here’s my list of suggestions to improve the art world:

  1. Ten collectors should forego the purchase of one $20 million work of art by Christopher Wool, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Richard Prince, Wade Guyton, Rudolph Stingel, Gerhardt Richter, that guy Adrian Ghenie, or any of those artists—great and terrible—in the parallel art world of high-priced auctions. The $100 million should be used instead to buy a building somewhere in New York. The spaces in said building should be rented at cost to gallerists and to artists for studios.:herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:
  2. Sotheby’s should use the profits from the sale of three Picassos, a Modigliani, a de Kooning, and two Richters to sell its York Avenue building at cost to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and vacate that neighborhood, to help further the tremendous work Slone Kettering does for so many in pain.:herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:
  3. Galleries should make a pact to deny sales to any collector who self-proclaims support for Trump. (I know this is probably stupid and could break the bank and put us all out of business, but I feel foul.):herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:
  4. Boycott Mnuchin Gallery as long as Steven Mnuchin is associated with president-elect Trump.:herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:
  5. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war come January 20.#Resist :sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi:
  6. Art blogs should stop continually reporting auction news (except for our wonderful art-world market maniac, Kenny Schachter). They only matter to 125 people, none of them artists, and have nothing to do with the inner life of art.:herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:
    Don’t post food pics on Instagram anymore.”:sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::dagger::dagger::dagger::dagger:
    —Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York Magazine

I think auction news are great fun, its like window shopping. And some of the print and mulitples auction lots arent that high priced, so the average joe actually can afford it and participate in the auction world.

Yes to everything above :grin: