How to clean your Picasso


Anny Aviram has spent more than 40 years as a conservator at the Museum of Modern Art, often swabbing away dust and grime on priceless Picassos and other masterpieces.

One of the most effective tools she uses is her own saliva. (Don’t worry: This practice, centuries old, has scientific backing.)

That revelation is one of several surprises in a new audio guide to the museum produced by the artist Nina Katchadourian that focuses on a tiny topic: dust. Wall texts encourage visitors to listen in at a dozen locations throughout the museum, including a tough-to-Swiffer ledge overhanging four stories of the museum’s atrium.

You can listen to the audio guide called “Dust Gathering” created by contemporary artist Nina Katchadourian here, where the staff at MOMA talks about dust cleaning. :wink:


I never knew that cleaning dust from a painting could be so interesting