How do we get more traffic to the forum?


Hey! is currently in the growth face, and we are working hard to fill it with new content daily so it will continue to be interesting and keep everyone updated on the exiting world of contemporary art.

We are extremely happy with the forum software, now we just need to gain even more users! If you think there is anything we can improve, any marketing campaigns we should run, or you want to contribute in any way feel free to send us a message, or comment below :point_down: :tada::


I think you should focus on getting more original content that can be shared on facebook etc. For example travel guides, pictures from studio visits, and weekly topics about new artists. Maybe hire a art commentator, that does a quick summary of what has happened every week :slight_smile:


I agree with @Peff, original content (that can be shared) is the way to go. Most people arent interested in participating in a discussion, so they need something else to be interested in regularly visiting artsphere.


Perhaps switching the main site from “categories” to “latest” will bring more attention to the threads, and make it easier for people to join in?


Great idea, we will look into that :+1: