Harland Miller


30 April 2016 – 30 July 2016 at Blain|Southern. More info here.


I dont really get his art, for me its just a simple pun on a book cover. Can anyone explain why this has become so popular, and what I am missing?


Personally I feel his work has a rare kind of charm due to their “aged” look, and they make me laugh. For me thats enough to be a fan.


Harland Miller is releasing 6 different deckchairs each in edition 500, that makes a total estimated sales of 4005006=1.200.000 pounds (or 1.729.116 USD)… Nice summer vacation bonus



New Harland Miller book for sale now.

Harland Miller: In Shadows I Boogie (Pre-order)
Pre-order now. This title will be shipped from 3 May 2019.
Essays by Michael Bracewell, Martin Herbert and Catherine Ince
Editions: Hardback | English (Signed sold out)
Price: £69.95

The most comprehensive monograph to date on the British artist and writer loved for his witty book-cover-inspired canvases

Harland Miller’s creativity as both artist and novelist culminates in his iconic paintings of battered book covers with cleverly invented titles. Initially appropriating the classic Penguin paperback before devising his own unique designs, Miller combines aspects of pop art, abstraction, and figurative painting to create highly coveted artworks that have won him a cult following. This monograph covers nearly 20 years of his paintings, and features newly commissioned essays by eminent art writers exploring different aspects of his practice.



Two new prints coming up by Harland Miller,

NEW: Harland Miller, ‘Thought After Filthy Thought’ and ‘In Shadows I Boogie’. Both etchings with relief printing, Edition of 75, Sheet size c.148 x 89 cm each (58 x 35 in). Published by Manifold Editions & White Cube, 2019.


Love them. The hype on Instagram is insane


Will be very interesting to see asking prices.
Also sold as a set only or singles?


Rumored 20k GBP atm per print. Insane IMO. Non-Penguin covers by Millers can’t command prices at this level.


For the price of this pair you can buy some of his best penguin covers and still have money left. Seems like they are trying to ride the wave after the auction record, and failing…