Hajime Sorayama "Sorayama Explosion" Jul 7 - Aug 11, 2018


New exhibition by Hajime Sorayama titled “Sorayama Explosion” from Jul 7 - Aug 11, 2018 @nanzukaunderground.
Less sexy robots, more villainous women.
I could kill for one of the original statues.



Strong daft punk vibes from that statue


Check out their store @Peff , pretty reasonably priced prints


Thanks for the link


Signed book available here


I think this book was a great purchase by whoever bought it. Didn’t myself, but I know a few that did, so if they take it out of the wrapper I will have a look myself “soon” :smiley:


Agreed! Having a signed book of Hajime is a must, and the lenticular effect is stunning


I found it hard to justify 150 euros for a book, but I think it’s a nice book for sure. But would much rather buy his art.


I picked up a copy and it is a really excellent production. Pricey but top quality


Indeed it is a really great book. Happily a friend got one so I have had the opportunity to inspect it :smile: