Gallerist Mary Boone Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Returns


Anyone remember Knoedler, New York’s most notorious art gallery that willingly sold fake works supposed to be by Mark Rothko, but that was created by a chinese guy in a garage in Queens?There are way too many crooked people in the world of fine art.

The Mary Boone Gallery’s 2012 tax forms reported a false business loss for the previous year of about $52,000 although the gallery actually made a profit in 2011 of about $3.7 million, according to documents filed by the United States attorney’s office. Ms. Boone used business funds to pay for more than $1.6 million in personal expenses, including remodeling a Manhattan apartment, and then falsely claimed those personal expenses as business deductions, prosecutors said.

Then, in 2016, the actor Alec Baldwin sued Ms. Boone saying that she had deceived him by promising a painting, “Sea and Mirror,” by Mr. Bleckner, that had been sold at Sotheby’s to a Los Angeles collector, but actually supplied him with another similar Bleckner painting, also called “Sea and Mirror.” The case was settled last year with Ms. Boone paying Mr. Baldwin what was described at the time only as “a seven-figure sum.”


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