Fractional ownership in artworks - masterworks


You can soon buy fractional ownership and trade shares of ownership in high-value artworks.
Any thoughts about this?

Acquired by Masterworks in 2017, our first offering is 1 Colored Marilyn (Reversal Series), by Andy Warhol. We are planning to offer approximately 90,000 shares at $20 per share.”

Found the auction :slight_smile:


My inital reaction is that the active management costs are going to be costly. When the time comes to sell the artwork again it might be done at an auction where the auction houes takes a hefty premium aswell. Id rather put my money into art that I love.


If they organized this more as a fund, this could be very interesting. With a diverse portfolio of both masterworks and emerging artists, it could be a great substitute to the classic funds based on shares and bonds. Albeit a very volatile one.


I would never spend money on art that I could not enjoy. For me art should be acquired to enjoy, not for monetary purposes.


Earning money on art makes me able to put more money towards buying more art :slight_smile:


I never sell the art I buy.


Isnt that somewhat what Jeffrey Deitch pioneered at Citibank back in the days?


Dammit, someone is always 30-40 years ahead of me.