*Fathoms* by Will Martyr at Unit London


This September, we are proud to present an exhibition of new works by emerging British painter, Will Martyr, following his debut solo show ‘Wanderlust’ at Unit London in 2017.

Fathoms will present new works that continue to depict slightly surreal locations dedicated to moments of leisure and subdued past times. The hand-drawn compositions are executed with expert technical precision, masked off and cut to shape using surgical blades before being hand-painted with exceptional finish. On first glance the paintings are characterised by flat areas of colour, however on closer inspection the layers of paint and raised impasto elements become apparent, signifying Martyr’s scrupulous devotion to quality.

Martyr’s multi-layered work recalls a diverse range of traditional artistic genres from still life, through tondos and religious iconography to architectural studies. Taking inspiration from a wide range of artists and movements including Pop Art, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Futurism, the work of David Hockney and posters from 1930s Soviet Russia.

Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt, co-founders of Unit London, said, “Will’s paintings create a very personal reaction when you look at them, encouraging private reminiscence of playfulness and enjoyment in the viewer. His unique style is incredibly precise, and his use of luminous colour creates a warmth and certainty to life, which is both exhilarating and effortless.”

Open to the public until September 29.

More pictures here


Me and my partner love Will Martyr’s work. I don’t know how smart of an investment it is, but I certainly like it. But I don’t know how I feel about circular canvases


Is the circular canvas meant to contribute to the work somehow, or is it just a gimmick?


For me, it feels like a gimmick.

But I can’t deny it does look good on the wall at Unit.

However, his upcoming print from this exhibiton is also circular, which I cannot get behind.
This leaves you with two options, framing the circular print in a square frame, which i think will be a crazy eye sore, or finding that one framer in the world that does custom circular frames for a million dollars.
I actually hope they sell the circular prints already framed in a circular frame, to get the costs down, framing in bulk. Like they did at Avant Arte with the latest Marc Quinn edition.


It sure looks great on the gallery wall, and is a prime example of how important good lightning is! :slight_smile:
Agreed, it certainly has to be pre-framed to be affordable…


Not sure if there is many, if any, in Norway capable of framing in circular wooden frames.


The Neon “canvas” is very good looking, but must be noisy as hell!

If the circular print is not too pricy, I’ll pick one up for sure.