Daniel Arsham limited edition "Hollow Figure" release December 3


Anyone going for the new Daniel Arsham release?

I will release a limited edition of the Hollow Figure next Monday December 3rd at 12 Noon EST on my website, danielarsham.com. This is the first edition based on my Architectural Anomalies, and is a scaled version of larger works that I have sculpted in this series. (Seen in the subsequent images) The appearance of a figure shrouded in fabric is revealed to be empty when seen from behind. These works have been exhibited globally at Museums such as The Fabric Workshop Museum in Philadelphia (2012), Carré d’Art de Nîmes, France (2009), and Museu Oi Futuro Rio de Jainero, Brazil (2017).


Yes! But it’s going to be impossible!


And expensive…


Always try, always fail


Did he ever explicitly explain what material this was made of? Looks like vinyl but you can never know for sure.


Not that I know of, sure looks like Vinyl.
Any word about pricing? What do these releases usually cost, around 500 USD?
Best bet of getting an original Arsham these days would probably be to scavenger all the hotels he has stayed in where he draws on the back of the frames. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edition of 500 might reduce the price a bit…


It looks big, even though its high edition it will be expensive.


Dropping tonight (EU).
Excited to see the prices. Last releases have been 450 USD, and I hope this one is too.


Exited to see the flipper prices aswell :smiley: