Cindy Sherman on Instagram

Cindy Sherman has opened her Instagram account and gained a lot of praise and attention from the media for her selfies, any thoughts on the topic? I think it looks like normal disfigured selfies, and that her instagram should be viewed as some kind of creative clipboard rather than serious works of art

Just a year ago, in an interview with The New York Times, Ms. Sherman had a clear opinion about sharing photographs on social media: It was trivial. “It seems so vulgar to me,” she said. Evidently she changed her mind, and yet something of her initial judgment endures in her ghoulish selfies and uncommon personal disclosures.

One of the most important lessons of her photography is that the roles and appearances that lock in social norms aren’t imposed from on high. We perform them ourselves, and the mark of their perniciousness is that we don’t even notice. Now Ms. Sherman has reaffirmed online that we are almost never the selves in our selfies — and that the most hazardous disguises are the forced smiles we now whiten with our index fingers.