Christmas is coming, whats on your wishlist?

I am getting “100 Secrets of the Art World”, looks like a fun guide to contemporary art :slight_smile: You can never have too many art books. Also, a small original by Eddie Martinez would make my year.


Bought my self two gifts for christmas. :smile:

If im lucky ill get bouth framed before the hollidays :wink: Maby ill wrap them in and act suprised


My enthusiasm for art feels like a sinking ship… Fed up with stencils and lack of real emotional expressions on the contemporary art scene. Nothing whisper buy me or would give me any pleasure spending money on… Guess it’s time to reorganize the collection and get a Banksy, Dolk canvas, Deadmeat Harrington print or a classic Harland Miller print for temporary pleasure… But again, there is always something new popping up to burn some money on around Christmas…

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A KAWS companion is high on my wishlist! Didnt manage to get one from the recent open edition release at The Modern, but crossing my fingers for another release soon so I dont have to break the bank.

Do you think they are going to have another release?

Bryan Christie: Astonished at his own existence, triptik:
is on my wishlist, has been for a long time.


I guess so, since it is an open edition. Would be a nice gest towards his fans, and a horrible one for the speculators.

Recently ordered How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art by David Salle, looking forward to reading it during the holidays :slight_smile: