Charming Baker, "So It Goes..." exhibition


This week Charming Baker’s new exhibition ‘SO IT GOES…’ opening in Soho. The exhibition will showcase his most impressive body of work to date spanning bronze sculptures, large scale paintings and prints. Inspired by life, vulnerability and humanity, ‘SO IT GOES…’ will open at The Vinyl Factory from Friday 28th September and close on Sunday 30th September with a limited number of works and prints available to purchase.

Speaking of the inspiration behind ‘SO IT GOES…’,

Charming Baker said: “I find myself constantly trying to process life, it seems with various degrees of success. I used to think we’d all grow older and wiser, but I just seem to grow older. Maybe it’s enough to be just along for the ride!

I want to take the sting out of vulnerability. I want my work to give the feeling of going on a first date with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, after you’ve just had a bad haircut. Nothing is only ever one thing. I don’t see why I shouldn’t bend or break an image to alter its original meaning, if only at least to entertain. Hopefully the work isn’t without a sense of humour.”