Bloated Baby Trump Balloon


When President Donald Trump arrives in London for his long-overdue state visit on July 13, he will have competition for the title of biggest baby in the UK. The city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently approved a request for the flight of a 6-meter-tall inflatable blimp caricaturing the hot-headed American leader that will linger above Parliament during his visit.

Garnering over 10,000 signatures and over £17,300 in fundraising, the so-called “angry baby” balloon has gained enough support to catch the Mayor’s attention. Khan’s office released a statement about angry baby Trump: “The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms.”

In an opinion piece for Metro, the baby’s creator, Leo Murray, points out that the balloon will certain have “tiny hands and a malevolent, constipated expression on his face.” In photos of the blimp, you can also spot a small cellphone clutched in the baby’s right hand.

With the city’s permission, the blimp can be flown for two hours, but cannot go any higher than 30 meters off the ground; it will be grounded in Parliament Square Garden. The angry baby’s display will coincide with a protest march in London. Afterwards, the protest group tells Politico that they intend to take baby Trump on a world tour.


Apparently Trump might not even visit London on this trip :confused:


I absolutely love this idea.


Don’t worry, scottish protesters want to bring the balloon north to greet the US President. :smile:

The boss baby is making preparations to fly north for the summer. It’s just one day before protesters had planned to fly their angry baby version of President Donald Trump above British Parliament during the US leader’s visit to the UK capital. Now, though, there is a strong push to have the orange blimp follow the president up to Scotland.

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition posted on Wednesday to allow clearance for the Trump Baby to be flown near the president’s Turnberry golf course. Given the president’s itinerary in London (which may or may not have been planned to skirt around the city’s planned protests) he is unlikely to catch a glimpse of his blimpy doppelgänger. Having the balloon fly in Turnberry would virtually guarantee that the President could view his puerile form.