Banksy’s coming to South Bank in the form of Lazarides new Gallery!


Lazarides is about to add to your South Bank experience by opening a new gallery dedicated to Banksy prints! The gallery will be called “Banksy Print Gallery” and will be primarily selling secondary market Banksy Prints.

So, let’s time-warp back and recap on the connection Lazarides gallery has with Banksy. It all started in the early 1990’s, Steve Lazarides was working at a photoshoot for Sleaze Nation magazine and he met Banksy. Steve went on to work with Banksy for a number of years and this helped create the buzz and controversy around “street art” that we know today.

Over the years Banksy art has become more and more popular, with several artists trying to copy his work and murals being located all over the globe. The “Banksy Print Gallery” will simply be celebrating his work and offering the public the chance to buy his prints. All of this, just in time for Christmas.

In the words of Steve Lazarides, “This gallery will sell secondary market Banksy prints and will also have a collection of my photographs from our time together, as well as displaying ephemera from the period.”

The gallery itself opens to the public Friday 2nd (December 2016).

Address: 22 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PD
(The gallery is based in the Mondrian London hotel)

Opening Times: Tuesday–Saturday 11am–7pm
Admission is free


Not a bad idea! Hope it goes well for him

I wonder how big their print inventory is when it is big enough to start a gallery :stuck_out_tongue: