Artist as a brand


An artist recently published an article looking at the connection between branding and art, pretty interesting read.

An artist of the 20th — 21st centuries exploits the brand the same way a marketer or a designer does. The artists of past eras for sure used some branding techniques, but never have they ever done it with the fierce confidence of contemporary artists. A powerful brand is an all-time business plan that will help you sell your work not only to the richest people in the history of mankind but perhaps in the history of art itself. Does this interfere with the artist’s sincerity? Not necessarily, I think. Like the masters of the previous generations, a contemporary artist does have something to narrate to the world. But due to the conditions of modern life, which is now overloaded with data and the unprecedented competitions, it becomes more and more challenging to convince anyone to hear you out. To become successful, an artist must convert himself into a brand. So he does.