Art Basel: Miami


Any thoughts about whats happening i Miami?
This years big happening at Art Basel Miami seems to have been the KAWS print release with pace galleries.

Im generally not a big fan of “top ten lists” but this one from artsy gave a quick overview of som of the most “exiting” galleries, and they are not only mega-galleries :slight_smile:


Only following it through instagram unfortunatley. I noticed that all the KAWS prints got sold right away (ofc)… am I the only one that thinks these were quite weird compared to his usual ones?

Joyce J. Scott was a good discovery for me. Turning decorative elementsinto powerful, frightening sculptures works great.


Seems like the place to be… Those KAWS were not my favorites.
I saw Paragon had a booth there, showing off the Miller they released this summer. Wonder how many they kept for the US market? Edition of 50 + AP/PP…