A few delights at Frieze NY


A couple of excerpts from art news’s article about Frieze NY, you really should follow the link and see the whole picture album with comments :slight_smile: Lots of works I would like to buy.


I feel the same way about Damien Hirst that I feel about Billy Corgan. They both tend to be overwrought, self-serious but also weirdly goofy, and pretty expensive. And yet, they have created some very fine things, and at certain, rare moments nothing else will do. They are defining artifacts of our times. Smashing Pumpkins concerts look pleasantly at home in gargantuan arenas, and so do Damien Hirst sculptures at big-ticket art fairs. Respect to Gagosian for going big. Art fairs are about the money. Sometimes you just want to bask in its glow.

Adrian Piper’s 1992 Decide Who You Are #21: Phantom Limbs at Dominique Lévy, which has spaces in New York, London, and Geneva. The right side begins, “IT’S FINE. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I DIDN’T NOTICE ANYTHING WRONG. IT SEEMS FINE TO ME,” and goes on to provide an exhaustive list of things one might tell a person to shut down complaints. Terrifyingly prescient right now.

The superb painter Katherine Bernhardt has stuffed Canada’s booth with paintings by people like Annie Pearlman, Sadie Laska, Jess Fuller, Jason Stopa, and many, many more, plus a bounty of Moroccan carpets sourced by her husband, Youssef Jdia. They’re having such a ball over there that you start to feel badly for some of the elegant and austere booths at the fair.


Lovely coverage of Frieze by artnews, Canada’s booth looks so fun! I remember looking at Katherine’s instagram account a while ago, and wondering why she was posting so many pictures of moroccan carpets.